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Who we are

Shepherds Joinery and General Buildings Limited produces traditional Joinery using traditional methods yet embraces modern materials & techniques where appropriate. Working anywhere in the UK.

Our Structural Timber Framed Building Engineers, Silvertec are considered one of the best Timber Framed Building Designers & Engineers in the UK. They also certificate the buildings at the end of the Project.

What we do

Shepherds Joinery and General Buildings Limited is made up of a team of 50 qualified & experienced joiners that have built over 500 Timber Frame Buildings, including Travelodges, Sports Centres, Holiday Homes, Dream Homes & Extensions.

We strive to bond a close relationship with our clients, which helps us produce the perfect Timber Framed Buildings for each individuals needs. We can guarantee 100% our methods of Construction will be cheaper than any of the other manufacturing companies for the reasons we explain on our Advantages page. The method of Timber Frame Construction that we have adopted is common practise in the US, Australia & Norway, who are all 10-15 years advanced than we are in the U.K.

We will also issue Engineering Calculations for Submission to Local Authority and N.H.B.C Certification.